Dunlop Fushion Gel is a new advanced product, Gel particles come together under pressure providing greater support where you need it most.
Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter the enhanced airflow and heat dissipation for your ideal temperature.

Yes, we can also fit electric adjustable actions to your existing bed please enquire ring Paul on 0433 229 803.

We offer a variety of models and designs so there’s something for everyone. From single and double, Queen and King to electric hospital beds for easier home care. The mechanisms can even be fitted to your existing bed. Adjustable beds are proven to be medically beneficial as well as incredibly comfortable. The ability to raise your back and legs relieves pressure from your skeleton and organs, eases breathing, improves circulation, aids insomnia and stops night time heartburn. The ‘Zero Gravity’ pose, as coined by NASA 20 years ago, is the most sympathetic position for your body, creating a feeling of weightlessness and reducing painful stress points significantly and is most easily achieved with an adjustable bed.

DreamAway single
Electric Bed with Valance
King split DreemAway with quilted covers

Consider having our massage units built into your Australian Made Dunlop Memory foam mattress. These are fantastic, especially if you suffer any aches and pains in bed. The great plus of our massager is that it is easy to use, has automatic timers and settings and can help you sleep soundly.
The benefits of massage has been known for thousands of years, and it’s the ideal way to relax, and help rid the body of harmful toxins with our 8 Zone massage unit with remote control inbuilt into your mattress.

Queen Split DreemAway

Yes, you can try the same style beds at your local bed retailer, then order from us factory direct. You can choose from either Dunlop Memory Foam Mattresses (similar to Tempur® only Australian made by Dunlop) or Natural Latex or Inner Spring. Check out our massage systems available with electric and non electric adjustable beds.

Night Dreems Deep Button
Electric with Upholstered Surround

Treat yourself everyday with the many massage options and the various elevations for your legs, feet and upper body. The remote control makes luxury effortless at the touch of a button. Doctors, Chiropractors and occupational therapists are now recommending adjustable beds more than ever to address a variety of ailments and to improve health and well-being. Our busy and stressful lives can often lead to neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, and sleeplessness. A Dream Away Adjustable Bed may provide temporary relief from a variety of health problems such as.

Yes we can fit adjustables to your existing bed, please enquire.

Yes we can fit massages to any of our mattresses.

Yes we can make in many other sizes and colours for you.

Electric adjustable beds are gst exempt

Manual Adjustable beds are gst exempt

Where your overall medical expenses for the year is above $1500 a 20% rebate may apply on your purchase of an Electric Adjustable Bed when lodging your annual tax return. Please check with your taxation advisor.

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"I bought my Dunlop Memory Foam Mattress with an Electric Adjustable Massage Bed from Town & Country over 5 years ago, it still feels like new, and the best sleep I've ever had."
Tracey Wickham World Champion Swimer MBE OAM